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all miss j and the am and jenffer's show art and stirps are corpyright my jenffer a jay 1984 - 2014
ok let start with, who is this cwc and why his art and who he is  that people over at 4 chan and others webpages like to bully people like jenffer a jay in thinking ,she haveing the same illness like cwc not knowing her more then looking at her work, her handycaps and her looks. and not by 30 years of cartooning that helped her overcoming many road blocks and setbacks in her life.

and here is jenffer a jay's one of her many webpage at comic

 take you time in reading these two people and understand why they get bully a lot. by 4 chan and others peoples webpages 

as you see why.. they get pick on peoples like them.  and think all who are like cwc are the same. no they are not
see not eveyone with the following handycaps are not have the  following tags place on them .

and so on....... i can put more here, but i think you get the point. if not . your a one of them take like to bully
and let the world . that you.. don't like these people no matter the age and where they live or on the web

not me worng it all for free speach and when become billy i stand up and say my 2 cents


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